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ISBN: 9789605001506
Crete is a special place, with no place like it anywhere in Greece. Everything on it is abundant, since nature endowed it with generosity: High, proud mountains, deep , cool gorges, mysterious caves, fertile ground, rich vegetation, steep coastlines, tranquil beaches, rough seas, calm seas, favourable climate. It is overbundant, idiosyncratic and polymorphic. An island of contrasts. A medley of civilisations. A place of entertainment but also contemplation. And all this at the crossroads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - at the most southern point of Greek territory.
Προδιαγραφές προϊόντος
ΑνθολόγοςΠαλάσκα - Παπαστάθη, Ελένη
ΑφηγητήςΚαψαμπέλη, Δάφνη
ΕικονογράφοςΑδάμ, Κώστας
ΕικονογράφοςΒαχαρίδης, Γιάννης
ΕικονογράφοςΓιαννέλος, Γιάννης